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Tour the World’s Ancient Sites with Vital Transport and Earth Ancients

We are proud sponsors of the podcast Earth Ancients with Cliff Dunning. Starting in November, we will be working with this program and its contributors to launch a series of group tours to many of the sites featured on the program. These group tours will provide extra value by including not only local guides that know their home sites but featuring the authors and enthusiasts that you hear on the podcast. Acting as group leaders, these luminaries from Earth Ancients will be available to discuss these topics in-depth as you travel. Every single group itinerary will be saved on our website so if you want to travel on that similar trip later as a group, or individually, we can recreate the itinerary for you. We can’t wait to travel with you.

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Vital Transport is a full-service travel company that thinks differently. We care about each of our travelers and want to become their long-term partners in travel. The most vital thing we ever transport on Earth is ourselves. We firmly believe that global travel experiences enrich and enhance our lives and mental well being. We are a one-stop place to shop for travel and can handle your booking as a complete package including air, land, cruising, villa stays and we welcome questions creativity and customization. Advice is free and we only want to work with you if we are providing value to your travels as your advocate in your adventures.

We started off with groups and group bookings (10 or more passengers). That is not currently the only thing we do as we provide travel for induvial and groups with a vast array of travel interests. We are forward thinking and offer travel experiences that include yoga, religion, ancient sites, culture and most importantly good times. We are based in Winston-Salem, North Carolina and we do act as a destination management company for the local area and state. No matter what kind of advice or traveling you need we can help you accomplish more than you ever anticipated.


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