Earth Ancients

Easter Island

Easter Island

Easter Island:
The Ultimate Experience

The Archaeology and Oral Traditions of Rapa Nui

A Private Tour with the Host of Earth Ancients, Cliff Dunning
Led by Archaeologist Dr. Edwin Barnhart

March 15 – 23, 2025

Led by Earth Anicents’ Host Cliff Dunning and Archaeologist Ed Barnhart, this 9-day tour will bring you to our planet’s most remote ancient ruins: Easter Island.

Participants will fly to Santiago Chile, and then five more hours out to Easter Island. For the next week, from a comfortable home base hotel in Hanga Roa, the tour group will intensively explore the island’s sacred sites. Over the week, the tour will see hundreds of moai, the quarry where they were carved, cave sites, museums, and much more. Perhaps most importantly, participants will get to meet the Rapa Nui people themselves and hear about their extensive oral traditions.


March 15, Saturday
Arrival to Santiago

  • All Day: Arrivals to Santiago, Chile
  • Evening: Welcome meeting and orientation at hotel
  • Overnight in Santiago

March 16, Sunday
Flight to Rapa Nui (Easter Island)

  • 6-7am: Breakfast at hotel and to the airport
  • 9-1pm: Flight to Easter Island
  • 1-2pm: Customs, transport, and hotel check in
  • 2-5pm: Free time in Hanga Roa
  • 6-7pm: Lecture: Rapa Nui’s History (Ed Barnhart)
  • Overnight in Hanga Roa

Hana Roa

Hanga Roa


March 17, Monday
Akahanga, Tongariki, and The Quarry

  • 7-9am: Breakfast at hotel
  • 9-12pm: Moai and ahu from Akahanga to Tongariki
  • 12-2pm: Lunch at Rana Raraku crater restuarant (covered by tour)
  • 2-5pm: Exploring the crater – island’s main quarry
  • 6-7pm: Lecture: TBA (Cliff Dunning)
  • Overnight in Hanga Roa

Rano Raraku

The quarry at Rano Raraku


March 18, Tuesday
Vinapu, Akahanga, and Orongo

  • 7-9am: Breakfast at hotel
  • 9-12pm: Moai and ahu from Vinapu to Akahanga
  • 12-2pm: Lunch break in town
  • 2-5pm: Orongo and the Rana Kau Crater
  • Overnight in Hanga Roa


Orongo crater


March 19, Wednesday
Mahatua, Anakena Beach, and Planetarium

  • 7-9am: Breakfast at hotel
  • 9-12pm: Moai and ahu from Mahatua to Anakena
  • 12-2pm: Lunch at Anakena Beach (covered by tour)
  • 2-3pm: Moai and swimming at Anakena Beach
  • 6-7pm: Rapa Nui Planetarium – Archaeoastronomy lecture by Edmundo Edwards
  • Overnight in Hanga Roa

Anakena Beach

Anakena Beach


March 20, Thursday
Tahai, Ahu Tepeu and Ahu Akivi

  • 7-8am: Breakfast at hotel
  • 8-12pm: Hiking from Tahai to Ahu Tepeu (6 mile round trip)
  • 12-2pm: Lunch break in town
  • 3-5pm: Ahu Akivi and the western slope
  • Overnight in Hanga Roa

Ahu Akivi

Ahu Akivi


March 21, Friday
Papa Tekena, Vaimata, Roiho Cave, and Puna Pau Quarry

  • 7-8am: Breakfast at hotel
  • 8-12pm: Hiking the northwest trail to Vaimata (6 mile round trip)
  • 12-2pm: Lunch break
  • 2-5pm: Roiho Cave and Puna Pau Quarry
  • Overnight in Hanga Roa

Northwest Trail

Moai and ahu


March 22, Saturday
Museum, and Toki Rapa Nui

  • 7-9am: Breakfast at hotel
  • 9-11pm: Visit Rapa Nui Museum
  • 11-2pm: Lunch break in town
  • 2-4pm: Toki Rapa Nui music school and farm
  • 7=9pm: Final dinner party in Hanga Roa (covered by tour)
  • Overnight in Hanga Roa


Rapa Nui Cultural Museum


March 23, Sunday

  • Morning: Breakfast and free time
  • 1pm: Transfer to airport
  • 3-9pm: Flight back to Santiago
  • End of Tour

Easter Island

Moai and ahu



Holiday Inn Santiago – Airport Terminal

At the terminal – no ground transport needed. AC, restaurant, bar, telephone, cable TV and wifi.



Hotel Manavai

Boutique hotel in the center of Hanga Roa. AC, restaurant, pool, and wifi.




Price per person in a SHARED ROOM: $4,225
One person in a Double room, with a roommate. If we can’t find a roommate for you will pay the price of Single room.

Price per person in a SINGLE ROOM: $4,825
Room for one person.

$500 deposit due upon registration.
50% at 90 days before.
Final balance due 30 days before.


  • All lodging
  • private ground transportation
  • all breakfasts
  • two lunches
  • archaeologist guide
  • local guides
  • evening lectures
  • all entry fees
  • the final dinner


  • Airfare – Round trip to Santiago and round trip on LATAM Airlines out to Easter Island
  • six lunches
  • dinners
  • gratuities (maids, drivers, guides, etc.)
  • travel insurance

This 9-day tour will extensively explore Easter Island and learn from its modern inhabitants, the Rapa Nui people.

Participants stay in the same hotel all week – unpack and settle in. Hundreds of moai, quarries, craters, and caves, and meeting the Rapa Nui people themselves.



To reserve your place visit the Registration page to arrange your Deposit:


About Your Hosts

Cliff Dunning

Cliff Dunning

Cliff Dunning is the host and producer of the popular podcast, Earth Ancients: Startling New Discoveries from Our Planets Distant Past. A writer, his articles appear in publications around the world.

Dr. Ed Barnhart

Dr. Ed Barnhart

Dr. Ed Barnhart is an American archaeologist and explorer specializing in ancient civilizations of the Americas. He is the founder and Director of the Maya Exploration Center, President of Ancient Explorations and fellow of The Explorers Club. He has appeared on the History Channel, Discovery Channel and Japanese public television. He also produced four lecture series for the Teaching Company’s Great Courses and has a podcast called ArchaeoEd.



To reserve your place visit the Registration page to arrange your Deposit: