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Marc Seifer: Tesla: Wizard at War, the Particle Beam Weapon, and the Pursuit of Power

Marc Seifer: Tesla: Wizard at War, the Particle Beam Weapon, and the Pursuit of Power

Marc Seifer: Tesla: Wizard at War, the Particle Beam Weapon, and the Pursuit of Power

In this insightful and revelatory new book, the author of the highly acclaimed, award-winning international bestseller Wizard: The Life and Times of Nikola Tesla delves deeper into the groundbreaking ideas and astonishing mind of one of the greatest geniuses of modern times. The culmination of more than four decades of research, Tesla: Wizard at War explores the historical impact of Tesla’s particle beam weapon and other brilliant work—and how it continues to shape global military technology and diplomatic strategies even today.

“In a few years hence, it will be possible for nations to fight without armies, ships or guns, by weapons far more terrible to the destructive action and range of which there is virtually no limit. Any city at any distance whatsoever from the enemy can be destroyed by him and no power on Earth can stop him from doing so.” —Nikola Tesla, circa 1925

Drawing on forty years of research and a treasure trove of new information, Tesla: Wizard at War provides a comprehensive view of Tesla’s discoveries, which continue to influence today’s military technology and diplomatic strategies. One of the world’s leading Tesla experts, Marc J. Seifer offers new insight into the brilliant scientist’s particle beam weapon (a.k.a. the “Death Ray”) and explores his military negotiations with pivotal historical figures—including his links to Joseph Stalin, Vannevar Bush, General Andrew McNaughton, and Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

From Tesla’s role in the origins of Star Wars technology and his dynamic theory of gravity to the real purpose behind the iconic tower at Wardenclyffe, this is an eye-opening account of Tesla’s projects, passions, and ambitions—and an illuminating, important study of one of history’s most intriguing figures.

An acclaimed expert on the inventor Nikola Tesla and also in the field of graphology, Marc J. Seifer, Ph.D. has lectured and published on both subjects widely. He starred in the five-part reality mini-series The Tesla Files on the History Channel and has appeared in Tesla documentaries on American Experience and in the motion picture Tower to the People. His other books include Framed: Murder, Corruption, and a Death Sentence in Florida and The Definitive Book of Handwriting Analysis, as well as numerous well-received novels. Visit him at

July 3, 2023