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Carl Lehrburger: Technology of the Ancient Americas

Carl Lehrburger: Technology of the Ancient Americas

Carl Lehrburger: Technology of the Ancient Americas

Sharing his more than 25 years of research and travel to sites throughout North America, Carl Lehrburger employs epigraphy, archaeology, and archaeoastronomy to reveal extensive evidence for pre-Columbian explorers in ancient America. He provides more than 300 photographs and drawings of sites, relics, and rock art, including Celtic and Norse runes in New England, Phoenician and Hebrew inscriptions in the Midwest, and ancient Shiva linga and Egyptian hieroglyphs in the West. He uncovers the real story of Columbus and his motives for coming to the Americas. He reinterprets many well-known archaeological and astronomical finds, such as the Ohio Serpent Mound, America’s Stonehenge in New Hampshire, and the Crespi Collection in Ecuador. He reveals Celtic, Hebrew, Roman, early Christian, Templar, Egyptian, Chinese, and Japanese influences in famous stones and ruins, reconstructing the record of what really happened on the American continents prior to Columbus. He also looks at Hindu influences in Mesoamerica and sacred sexuality encoded in archaeological sites.

Expanding upon the work of well-known diffusionists such as Barry Fell and Gunnar Thompson, the author documents the travels and settlements of trans-Atlantic and trans-Pacific explorers, miners, and settlers who made it to the Americas and left their marks for us to discover. Interpreting their sacred symbols, he shows how their teachings, prayers, and cosmologies reveal the cosmic order and sacred landscape of the Americas.

Carl Lehrburger has studied archaeological and sacred sites in North America, with a focus on ancient Old World peoples in America before Columbus, for more than 25 years. He has published articles in Ancient American magazine. An avid traveler and explorer, he lives in Colorado.

Adam Young’s Media Suggestions:

1) Bright Insights (YouTube)  

“Jimmy” from Bright Insights opines on topics related to ancient history. This is from last year and is one of his earlier shows. It discusses a global cataclysm and details some of the more than 200 vast underground cities worldwide. He does a concise job of combining pictures and videos and a short format.


2) Dead Men’s Secrets – a book by author Jonathan Gray

Gray’s style is a bit unorthodox, but his format is easy to read and straightforward. He has compiled a long list of examples of lost ancient human technology and culture- including underground cities and people that emerged from them in the distant, post-apocalyptic past. His documentation is lacking, however, which lead me to attempt to verify parts of the book myself – with mixed results.

Available on


3) 12,000-Year-Old Massive Underground Tunnels (YouTube)

This short video discusses several of the enormous underground labyrinthine tunnel systems found across Europe and the Middle East. There are great pictures and videos throughout.


4) New Earth – Star Forts of Malta and Underground Tunnel Systems

Although a bit dramatic, the casual cynicism of the narrator can grow on you. She makes some excellent points about these magnificent structures found on Malta.