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Whitley Strieber: A New World, Our Relationship with ETs and the Future

Whitley Strieber: A New World, Our Relationship with ETs and the Future

Whitley Strieber: A New World, Our Relationship with ETs and the Future

First, there was Communion, the biggest best seller about alien contact ever published. Now, after 33 years of having what he calls “the visitors” in his life, Whitley Strieber returns with a new vision of contact that has the power to change the world.

The strange entities he wrote about in Communion have been in the lives of the close encounter witnesses now for a generation, but they have remained hidden from most of us. They are ready for that to change. But it’s up to us.

From A New World:

As science advances, we are finding that the universe is far larger and more complex than we ever imagined, and mysterious beings like our visitors, which we dismissed as imaginary, are turning out to be real. This is calling to all of us to find a new life – a new world – in which they play a part.

As we are coming to realize that they are real and here, we also find ourselves asking the question that Col. Philip Corso asked so long ago when he found himself facing them: “What’s in it for us?”

They want to join us. They need us, but more importantly, we need them – their wisdom and their insight into the peril of our world and how to ensure our future.

Dare we open our door to them?

My most recent book is the Afterlife Revolution. After my beloved wife Anne died in August of 2015, she returned to me in an ingenious and convincing way. I began to commune with her, and the Afterlife Revolution, which is about an entirely new way of looking at life and death, arose out of that communion. My grief at her loss has transformed into a warm and deeply satisfying new form of love.

I publish both fiction and nonfiction. My most famous works of fiction are The Wolfen, The Hunger, Warday (with James Kunetka), Superstorm (with Art Bell), Majestic and The Grays.

My best-known works of nonfiction are Communion and the Communion series: Transformation, Breakthrough, Confirmation, the Secret School and Solving the Communion Enigma. I’ve also published The Key and Super Natural: a New Vision of the Unexplained with Rice University Religion Chair Jeffry J. Kripal, and many other books.

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