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MJ Craig: The Archaeological Ruins of Mars

MJ Craig: The Archaeological Ruins of Mars

MJ Craig: The Archaeological Ruins of Mars

REVISED & EXPANDED Edition 2017: Includes Controversial New Images from the NASA Curiosity Rover * 166 Black/White photos (66 in color, Kindle edition only)- Why has NASA not announced to the world the greatest scientific discovery ever made in the history of space exploration?

Do you want to know what has REALLY been discovered by the Orbiters and Rovers on the planet Mars?

While scientists spend billions of dollars confirming that microbes live in the Martian soil, people sitting at home on their computers studying the Mars images, are making far more astounding discoveries…they have found the possible archaeological remains of an extraterrestrial civilization!

M J Craig is a writer, researcher and composer living in Wiltshire, England. He’s involved in projects that seek to establish a more enlightened civilization in our world.

His first book “Secret Mars: The Alien Connection” was published in 2013, with a revised and expanded edition published in 2017, including a German translation (“Geheimer Mars: Die au├čerirdische Verbindung”).

Hard to believe? Well, this challenging book invites you to take a look at the astounding pictures yourself and make up your own mind…

SECRET MARS presents over 100 incredible images taken by American and European spacecraft that reveal possible evidence of a civilization that once lived and may still live, on the planet Mars…powerful evidence that scientists are ignoring!

SECRET MARS reveals the shocking reason why NASA are forbidden to tell the world about what has been found…

“All I’m saying is take a look at the strange geometrical objects in these pictures from Mars. Most of them may just be odd-looking rocks, but if just ONE of these is artificial and it doesn’t say ‘Made by NASA’ on it – then we may be looking at archaeology from an ancient Martian race.” – M J Craig, author of Secret Mars

February 29, 2020