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Matt LaCroix: The Epic of Humanity

Matt LaCroix: The Epic of Humanity

Matt LaCroix: The Epic of Humanity

This book includes:
· The largest collection of ancient texts ever contained in a single book that includes: Sumerian, Akkadian, Babylonian, Egyptian, Gnostic, Greek, and more.
· The 200,000-year timeline of humanity, from the rise of civilization.
· New archaeological discoveries, ice-core data, and compelling-scientific evidence to prove lost civilizations once existed.
· Detailed analysis of the Anunnaki and their role in human-Earth history.
· The future of humanity and transition into the Age of Aquarius.

Today all reasonable astrophysicists still proclaim that there is life out there, but no alien civilization has ever visited the earth. Billy Carson and Matthew LaCroix see it differently. They prove that the earth is not a closed system and contacts have very well taken place. Thus they contradict the straight prevailing spirit of the age. This needs courage. I recommend THE EPIC OF HUMANITY book as a groundbreaking look into the new reasoning and evidence. The old one has had its day.
Erich von Däniken Best Seling Autor Chariots Of The Gods?’

Book Reviews:
“In their bold interrogation of the world’s most ancient texts, Billy Carson and Matthew Lacroix have fearlessly peeled back the pages of time to bring us deeper layers of information – information which, if we take it seriously, defies everything we thought we knew about the origins and potential of human beings. If you are ready to have your deepest assumptions challenged, this epic journey is one you won’t want to miss.”
Paul Wallis – 5thkind – Bestselling author of “The Eden Conspiracy.”

“My congratulations to Matthew LaCroix and Billy Carson on the publishing of their new book The Epic Of Humanity.
In it they delve into the increasing evidence that ancient megalithic sites in many parts of the world were created long before the standard academic timeline of human civilizations being at most 6000 years old. Ice cores, oral traditions and ancient scripts tell us that prior to the end of the last ice age very advanced technological people created astonishing works in stone in different locations that were later inherited by cultures who repurposed them for their own needs.

Matthew and Billy are helping to rewrite human history and to correct errors that standard academia has either ignored or dismissed. A brave effort and well worth reading and digesting.” Brien Foerster hiddenincatours

Matthew LaCroix is a passionate writer and researcher who grew up in the outdoors of northern New England. From an early age, a strong connection back to nature was established and built into the morals of his life. His persistent yearning for adventure led him into profound, life-changing experiences that inspired him to write for local and national magazines such as Backpacker and AMC Outdoors.

While attending Plymouth State University, he published his first book at the age of 22 and began studying history, philosophy, quantum mechanics, and superstring theory. His focus became uncovering and connecting the esoteric teachings from secret societies and ancient cultures that disappeared long ago in our past. At 32 he published his second book; “The Illusion of Us”, which combined years of research to discover the truth about history, human origins, as well as the fundamentals of consciousness.

In 2019 he will be releasing his third book entitled; “The Stage of Time”, which represents a compilation of ancient writings and theoretical physics in order to answer some of our most difficult questions. From understanding the complexities of reality to lost history, and the identity of the gods of antiquity, no stone is left unturned in the endless pursuit of truth.

January 21, 2024