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Mario Buildreps: 100,000 Years of Man Unknown History

Mario Buildreps: 100,000 Years of Man Unknown History

Mario Buildreps: 100,000 Years of Man Unknown History

The author, with a pen-name of Mario Buildreps. I am a successful former businessperson and a graduate engineer. Engineers are specifically good at finding solutions for complex problems. Also, and that is maybe even more important, engineers are not handicapped with all sorts of limited ideas and paradigms that archaeologists and geologists are hindered with.

My engineering and mathematical skills were essential for my discoveries regarding our ancient history. I discovered that the orientation of foundations of ancient structures around the world follow a pattern, an overwhelming mathematical pattern, one that has become the subject matter of this website.

From my youth, I have always been very interested in ancient humans, megalithic structures, ancient temples, and pyramids. As a child I was always wondering why ancient Homo sapiens, who had the same brains and hands as we, wandered around empty plains for hundreds of thousands of years. They were effectively doing nothing with their creative brains and hands, building nothing, leaving no traces, other than split stones and some primitive tools. I discovered that this ideas of primitive humans in the ancient past, that has been imposed on us for centuries, is not true.

I am supported by a dedicated and highly skilled team of alphas and betas. The alpha with the initials J.B. from Canada is our editor. J.M. from Australia was responsible for verification of the locations of the mathematical proven poles. A.S. is one of our researchers who is rigging up a massive verification project based on a self programmed GIS environment worldwide.

Recently, it appears that most of the orientational grids in countries around the world are based on much older grids. These grids appear to point to the same ancient geographic poles.

Two other members of the team are also skilled scientists and currently more or less sleeping members. They have supported me with tracking down reliable maps of the Nuraghes and gave ideas which topics to research in the future.

Together are we a team of independent researchers that have deeply penetrated into the unbelievable truth behind Lost Civilizations. Because the research is holistic and mathematical it inevitably covers several scientific disciplines. There are no shareholders involved, nor has this anything to do with ego issues. Our team is growing with enthusiastic highly skilled and motivated researchers and editors. Our research is expanding rapidly while amazing many mainstream scientists with our simple, mathematics-based research.

Our recent discoveries, done entirely outside the conventional scientific community, reveal astounding insights into the reasons for geographic polar movements and their undeniable close association with ancient cultures.

Our ancient history, including a vast amount of ancient structures, goes back literally hundreds of thousands of years. That is not just an idle statement because a large amount of data and mathematical certainties support it. It appears that the dating work that was done by archaeologists, scholars, and historians over many decades has revealed next to nothing about the REAL antiquity of human history.

October 16, 2022