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Ben Vonderheide: Unknown Origins of the Nomoli People of Africa

Ben Vonderheide: Unknown Origins of the Nomoli People of Africa

Ben Vonderheide: Unknown Origins of the Nomoli People of Africa

NOMOLI: The Unknown “Ancient Alien Stones”

Our research proves you are not alone if you’ve never heard of Nomoli Sacred Stone Figurines, unearthed in West Africa. Even with today’s “Stone Consciousness” these powerful artifacts have been successfully suppressed/obscured from critical mass.

In fact, you may own Nomoli without knowing it!

Most unfortunately our research has found no contemporaneous examples of others using Nomoli for the purposes they were created/activating them for the powers enshrined.
(except in West Africa)

Known and Published

An anomaly, unknown even to aficionados in healing, metaphysical, ancient alien/ancient civilization communities, etc. Nomoli are long published in scientific, academic and African art circles. First discovered “by the outside world” when Portuguese sailors hit West Africa in the 1400’s. First published account is 1854, then appearing in numerous publications in the 1900’s including mention by Thor Heyerdahl [Kon-Tiki]

Nomoli are on exhibit in museums around the world, collected by British royalty and have been auctioned at Sotheby’s. Enigmatically, though mostly unknown, they have been replicated and the market flooded with fakes.
We have accounts of limited but intriguing experiences wherein Nomoli stones were reactivated here in America with profound impact.

Still Unknown: Origin

Who created them?
Who buried them and why?
How old are they?
What original powers do they still retain?

Recent Rediscoveries

Based upon our recent research we can now theorize where Nomoli Deities fit into the big picture:
Ancient Alien perspective
Ancient civilization perspective
Connection to the Dogon
Connection to Ancient Egypt
Connection to Easter Island
Connection to ancient stone figurines found around the world
What Nomoli Stones were created for and how they were used in tribal rituals
Further field research is required to demonstrate if Nomoli stones still contain the powers initially instilled according to legend and can be activated for spiritual, physical, and communication purposes?