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Victor Camacho: Artifacts from Ancient Aliens in Mexico

Victor Camacho: Artifacts from Ancient Aliens in Mexico

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For over four years the Internet has been flooded with strange alien images on artifacts found in Mexico. Some of the images are of slanted eyed beings, others include sauces and other spaceship, planets and machines of an unknown nature. In the last year, a new series of artifacts with writing have appears with no explination of what they mean.

As promised, we’ll get to the bottom of this strange discovery and uncover the true. Is this real evidence of ancient aliens or a hoax. My guest is Victor Camacho.

Victor Camacho, researcher and radio talk show host of the Spanish Speaking radio program “Los Desvelados” (The Sleepless Ones) airs nationally in United States and Mexico. He is the Director of “Desvelado Network” based in Los Angeles. The radio show has been broadcast for 20 years. Each night, topics are discussed about UFOs, Paranormal, forbidden archaeology, conspiracies and other realities. This unique program is targeted at the Hispanic community. The radio show captivates the attention of the public nightly in 25 cities in the United States and Mexico.

Victor has participated in a number of special television programs about UFOs such as the Discovery Channel, History Channel‘s “UFO HUNTERS” and of SyFy Channel’s “Fact or Faked.”

Victor has also collaborated with Mexico’s Televisa Media Network where he shows a weekly program on investigation in United States, Mexico and other countries.

Victor was born in Mexico. He has been working in media for 27 years in the United States. Victor studied Communication at Weber State University in Utah.