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Marco Vigato: The Ancient Underworld of Mexico

Marco Vigato: The Ancient Underworld of Mexico

Marco Vigato: The Ancient Underworld of Mexico

Scientists have discovered elaborate tunnels, rooms and canals dug under pyramids, and ancient cities throughout Mexico. In this program, we trace the history of this phenomena and uncover their purpose.

Marco M. Vigato has traveled extensively across Europe, the Middle East, North Africa, South-East Asia, North and South America and is an independent researcher into ancient mysteries and megalithic civilizations. His expeditions and photographs dedicated to ancient history, adventure travel, and archaeology can be found at Uncharted Ruins.

Adam Young’s Media Suggestions:

1) Graham Hancock speaking to a crowd recently

It is always nice to hear from Graham and this is a story he tells about the Ark, ancient Egypt, Ethiopia, and Africa. He also talks about the solid rock-temples in Ethiopia that are now churches and reveals more about his perspective on the ancient world.


2) The Kailasa Temple in India

This is the largest man-made structure formed out of solid rock on earth. It’s mind-blowing and this documentary talks all about it with high-quality images.

3) Egil Castles
These are solid rock castles (connected to the earth also). Interestingly, in the 1940’s, an academic study postulated that they might be 25,000 years old or older. Of course, this was quickly forgotten…

Very short documentary on the Egil castles: