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Dave Shelton & Rob Witworth: Road2Ruins

Dave Shelton & Rob Witworth: Road2Ruins

Dave Shelton & Rob Witworth: Road2Ruins

Who are the Punk Archeaologists and what is Road2Ruins?

Our Mission

Every civilization prior to ours has failed and we are living the same way, following the same road to ruins. Why can’t we learn from our mistakes?

For some reason our society has chosen to value profit more than people. The fact that we have allowed ourselves to treat the planet like garbage to appease corporate interests is somewhat alarming, and curiously coincides with several ancient end-times prophecies including those of the Bible. Our society seems to be waddling mindlessly into oblivion like many failed civilizations of the past that have one thing in common: Serving the excessive desires of few at the expense of all.

Why Do We Still Teach Columbus?

If we knew the truth of our past we might understand how we got to this point. Unfortunately our history books are riddled with omissions, fallacies and purposeful efforts to serve special interests. Our lackluster K-12 educational system spits out unprepared young adults who struggle to enter a higher education system that is intrinsically handcuffed and increasingly geared more toward dollars than diplomas.

We’re just two smart-ass “punk archaeologists” with a camera who are going DIY to find the truth on our own. We’re exploring the world’s indigenous cultures and ancient ruins to put the pieces together experientially. We’re reaching out to academics, independent researchers, indigenous elders, religious leaders, authors and more to gather and share research from all points of view and all disciplines, as they are all worthy of exploration.